Phentermine – Is The Drug Similar In Terms Of It’s Addictive Qualities As Cocaine And Amphetamines?

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Losing weight is very tough to do for so many people who attempt it, which is why in most cases they attempt it for a while, experience mild success, but then quit when they hit a wall. The problem is that for people who seriously need to lose weight they might not have a choice but to do something that will help to melt off the pounds. What about taking medications? Are there any medications on the market that can help with weight loss? One well known option is Phentermine. It has been available for quite some time and people have had success with it, but it isn’t meant to be used long term.

The drug is meant to be used short term in order to get people to a weight level where they can begin to focus on other means of weight loss. This might include partaking in certain exercises they can’t partake in now due to it being too uncomfortable to do so or simply not having the energy required yet to go as hard as they need to while exercising. Phentermine, although it’s meant for short term use, is sometimes used for longer periods when specific people experience superior results.

There have even been cases where people became addicted to the drug, claiming that without it they wouldn’t be able to find the energy to get up for exercise or whatever other activities they had to partake in as a part of a weight loss program. The addictive nature of Phentermine is something people rarely talk about, but this is because the drug really isn’t all that addictive. In most cases people may simply feel a surge of energy, but this isn’t the cause of addiction.

There are people that have claimed that Phentermine can have the same effects as cocaine and amphetamines. These two things are very addictive and a lot of people abuse them. Phentermine certainly doesn’t fall into their class and here’s why. Yes, cocaine, Phentermine and amphetamines are all considered to be what are called sympathomimetics. However, the highly addictive nature of cocaine and amphetamines isn’t a factor with Phentermine. The primary reason for this being the case is because cocaine as well as amphetamines are much better releasers of dopamine and norepinephrine.

It is these two chemicals that cause a person to experience the “high” like nature that comes with taking them. Phentermine doesn’t have this. Yes, it does come with some risks. It causes a person’s heart rate to speed up and it has been said to interact badly with certain medications. Besides from this users won’t have to worry about becoming addicted to it as someone would cocaine or amphetamines. As long as a person makes sure that they are using it under the right directions from a doctor and that they make some modest lifestyle changes when using Phentermine, it is a fairly safe drug for assisting with weight loss.

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